lunedì 11 dicembre 2017


 Hello my dear friends, I'm here today with a new for you  ...I'm so happy to show  my Class for Nashville Needlework Market 2018. This class is open only to shops attending the show but kits 'll be available after market , and shops can order them. So if you're interested please contact your Local needleshop for more information.
Acorn Needle holder.
Friday March 2th 2018 4:00 pm Williamson Room
A special needlecase for a special sewing basket. Lovely silk ribbon keeps the case together, a warm felt holds needles and pins, a wood ring keeping thread and one very original handmade pin is closing. Stitched on Vichy Linen by Nikyscreations .
Kit contanis: Charts and finishing instructions, templates, Vichy linen, fabric, felt, silk ribbon, one wood ring by Stitched Tales (Italy).
Limited kits , shops can order more kits after the class.
Cost of the class 25$.
Please email to to book the place for you in the class as limited spots are available... thank you!!!
   Keep on Stitching and until next time... xxx Niky.

venerdì 24 novembre 2017


 Hello my dear friends, I'm so happy to show you another class   for 2018. After Longomont class and Nashville I'm honored to give a class at Delaware Historic Sampler Guild.
This is my project: FLOWER POT NEEDLEROLL.
If you 're interested in it please write me for more information: or to

As you can see there're  three projects in this class:  a needleroll, a strawberry scissors fob and a bag to keep all of your stitching.
I used my beautiful Vichy for this project, is such a beautiful linen indeed, so soft, and easy to stitch, you can find it on my website here, I'm sure you'll like it!!!  Color for this design: Black, I love black and it stays so well on this fabric.

Well, I hope you enjoy this class, I had  so much of fun in creating it, and I hope to see you in Delaware in March!!!
Keep on Stitching xxx Niky. #nikyscreations

martedì 14 novembre 2017


 Hello my dear friends, I'm really enjoying so much stitching on my German Banding, this fabric is really so beautiful!!! So I decided to make a special Christmas designs with it.
This very sweet pattern is called YULETIDE.
 I added red beads on the tree and black on the top border, Silk ribbon through the edges of the banding and vintage buttons to decorate.
 Yuletide is already available on my website here and It'll be to shops and distributors next week, so be sure to book one for you asking to your local needleshop or on line shop.
You can buy German banding on my website here
Keep on Stitching my friends                                            xxx Niky.

martedì 24 ottobre 2017


 Hello my dear friends, I'm so excited today as I'm showing you something really very special and unique.
This a beautiful banding linen that I handdyed getting this lovely antique look.
 It's a german banding on 28ct and I've for you cuts of 20" x 6,50" wide.
Isn't it gorgeous?
 Think about to use it for making a sewing bag, or to frame a stitching basket, you can also stitch over one as is so regular .
 I'm going to make  a special design for Nashville market 2018 with this border and I hope you can enjoy it.
 German border is now on my website and you can find it here
It's all for now, until next time my dears, keep on Stitching                                                        xxx Niky.

venerdì 20 ottobre 2017


 Hello Dearest!!!! I'm a little bit in late in showing here my new releases for Fall, but I've been really so busy setting new classes and event and markets for next year.
It'll be a year full of lovely retreats in shops and groups in USA and Italy and I can harldy wait to show you my projects for them.
but I would like to speak about my new releases now, so here you have Halloween Sheep so funny!!!! You  can find on my website here.
 Country Village, really so sweet!!! Stitched on my England linen. You can find here.
 Merry Sampler stitched on Sage linen. You can here
 Pumpkin can find here
..and Squirrel sewing set. You can find here.
Well, those are my news and I hope you like them like I enjoyed to design them.
Until next time my friends. Keep on Stitching      xxxNiky

sabato 30 settembre 2017


 I've an enormous passion for old things and old pictures, I'm in love with the past and history specially the Regency  and Victorian era.
So I found lovely pictures of those fascinating ladies and used them for creating needlecases.

 I printed the word 'Needle' on fabric and glue it on the paper to decore it. I added felt inside to keep your needle safe and a pretty pin is included.
 here the detail od the pin..isn't it cute...?
So you can find those lovely needlecases on my website here.
It's all for now...keep on stitching....... xxx Niky.

lunedì 18 settembre 2017

Fili Senza tempo 2017 Castello di Levizzano

Carissime eccomi di ritorno da Fili Senza tempo al castello di Levizzano. Nuova splendida location e moltissime amiche ricamatrici che si sono fermate la mio tavolo.
Grazie care amiche per il vostro supporto, siete sempre carine e devote a Nikyscreations. Ecco un pò di fotografie che spero vi piacerà vedere. 
Un ringraziamento particolare lo desidero fare  a Tania amica,organizzatrice e perfetta padrona di casa dell'evento.
Per le amiche che non hanno potuto venire al castello pubblicherò a breve sul sito le news  degli schemi che ho preparato con il relativo  link per accedere al loro acquisto qualora ne foste interessate.
Keep on Stitching xxx Niky

 Here we go!!! That's the market in Castello di Levizzano (MO). My table full of goodies and news.
I'll put all the news on my website very soon, and   distributors and shops has already them .

 Elisa from the shop Giochi di Filo (BO) stitched my chart Christmas Ornaments over one and finish it in a frame.

 Tania, Majya, Carolina...designers and friends!!

A presto...until next Niky.

mercoledì 30 agosto 2017


 Hello my dearest!!!! as promised... here sneak peeks of my new releases for Fall 2017. 
I've five of them ready and I hope you'll enjoy very much!!!
You'll have: Pumpkins, Sheep, Halloween, Christmas and Squirell... and a very sweet Country Village landscape.
All of these news 'll be available to shops, distibutors and my website in the first week of  September. 
Please contact your local needleshops and book copies for you, have fun...
....and I'm on the road again traveling to England for getting more inspirations visiting Antiques, Castle and Museums.
 I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to travel again with my dear friend Susan Greening Davis who organized this trip last year too and I've to tell you it was fantastic.
 I'll give a class too so fun and work together, the best combination indeed!!!
So stay tuned as more pictures are coming soon.
keep on Stitching                                                        xxx Niky.

giovedì 17 agosto 2017


 Hello my dearest!!!I hope you're spending a very good Summer, times is passing so fast and I'm rather busy in setting everything for my next trip in England and for my market to Castelvetro Castle in September for Fili Senza tempo Show.
In the meantime I'm busy in working on thread keepers!!
I was so blessed to meet Elisabetta Monnini from LIZZIEHANDMADE who is an ingeneer first but is so talented  in playing with paper and scrapbooking, so those lovely angels are made by her!!! ..and I created those beautiful sets of three thread keepers you can find in my website Clicking HERE
Enjoy those lovely Angel and ...keep on Stitching........ xxxNiky.

giovedì 20 luglio 2017


 Hello again my friends...I'm looking like a bee during these days!!! 
 I made those lovely needlecases for you. Beautiful fabric and soft silk ribbon!!!
 They just perfect to keep in your sewing basket or for a gift to a special stitcher friend. 
They are really unique and in a limited edition.
So please if you like them and want to buy be free to  visit my website. They're available  here.
 ...and here

.....and here

Enjoy my needelcases they're all handmaded...Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.

martedì 18 luglio 2017


Hello my dear!!!! it's going to be  a very busy Summer!!!! 
I made a new chart that I hope you'll like. 
It's called Sesonal Needlecase! It's actually a kit coming with four designs and four cuts of 32 ct. of my linen in different color. 
Purple for Winter, Antique rose for Spring, Steel for Summer and Sage for Autumn.
 All detailed finishing instructions with very good step by step pictures are included . But NO threads, I used DMC.
They're so sweet and I think that you'll really enjoy them very much. Have one for you lot of fun garanted!!!
You can find this kit on my website here.
                                                     Keep on Stitching  xxx Niky.

sabato 8 luglio 2017

CLOTH PIN KIT limited edition

 Hello My dear friends, hope you're doing well and that your Summer is very enjoyable for you.
 Today I've a nice little project to share with you. It's a kit with this really giant cloth pin, I called it Cloth pin kit.
Easy and symple it'll be also very useful for keeping your chart safe when your'e stitching.
Kit includes:  a giant pin cloth, chart, finishing instructions, Vichy linen, threads and trim .
Cloth Pin kit is already available on my website, so please click here

 Isn't this beautiful? But please be sure to have it for you as It's a limited edition kit!!! Only few of them available !!! Keep on Stitching xxx Niky.